fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce crows feet

Heal blemishes

Improve skin tone

Regenerate collagen

Restore natural collagen activity

Return moisture to sun damaged skin

Increase circulation to the skin

Fade age spots and freckles

Bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin

Promote even skin tone

Reduce pore size

Smoothe skin texture

Reduce redness and flushing

Provide healthier skin tone


As we age collagen and elastin in the
skin degenerate, setting the stage for
the appearance of wrinkles, creases,
folds and furrows.

The breakdown of these components is
accelerated by sun exposure and
gravity, result in sagging skin. Skin is
easily damaged by sunlight, pollution
and harsh soaps.

The Laser Light works by creating a biological response.
It activates skin cells with low-level light energy.

Skin layers, because of their high blood and water
content, absorb red light very readily and
deliver enough energy to stimulate a positive
response from the body to heal itself.
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